My husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Valentines Day this year. I had been wanting one for a while. This is the end of August and im still in love with My Kindle Fire. It stays in my bag. I dont really read books on there often. I do everything else on there. lol. Im always playing games and downloading new apps. One of my new favorite apps is IHEART RADIO. It plays live radio stations plus you can make your own stations based on the artist that you like to hear. Its just like PANDORA but better. Im always on facebook. I dont have an app for facebook so i use the internet on my kindle to access facebook. My cell phone can be used as a mobile hotspot which gives MY KINDLE wireless internet access. Some of my favorite games to play are SOLITARE, FRUIT NINJA, ANGRY BIRDS, LOGO QUIZ, WORD SEARCH AND CHECKERS. When im on the plane i sometimes use my NETFLIX app to watch movies. Since SOUTHWEST (my perferred airline of choice) offers wifi on the plane for $5.

I download music from the AMAZON MP3 page. All of your music can be saved to AMAZON CLOUD PLAYER. This gives you access to it from anywhere. You can play the music or download it.

I have a little pink leather case cover on mines. I got it from the store inside of the SAN JOSE AIRPORT. As you can see in the pictures i have one of those pictures strips between the KINDLE and the leather case. It's just pictures of me and my husband acting silly.

For all of you people that do not have a KINDLE FIRE you are missing out! I highly recommend that you run out and get you one. At this point i'm sure they will be coming out with something better then the KINDLE FIRE since Christmas will be here in a few months. Mines was purchased at the NAVY EXCHANGE for $194 and it was tax free. I know that TARGET sells them.
I hope that you have enjoyed my product review!

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