Today has been a super busy day for me. The Husband finally sat down with me and we came up with our game plan.

I contacted US Airways and purchased our two one way tickets to Jacksonville, Floriday. We fly out on Saturday, June 1st. I scheduled a vehicle transportation company to pick our vehicles up on Friday, May 31st.

Looking around for airline tickets was a hard task. I had to contact the airlines and ask for a military discount. The discount is not offered on all flights everyday. So I had to work my schedule around the available flights. Tickets were expensive and US Airways offered me the best rate. We can check in 4 bags and we can carry two bags each onto the plane with us. I'm going to try and pack all of our stuff up in those eight bags. lol

The next task was for me to schedule our vehicles to be picked up before we leave. It is very expensive to ship your car. Especially since we are trying to ship ours 2300 miles away. For two cars it's going to run us about $1800!

This is expensive but it works better for us. We are not up for the drive at all. It's easier for us to fly out there. The navy offers us some moving allowances and they will cover all of our expenses. We could of pocketed a lot of money if we decided to drive out there and ship one car.

As you see we made our minds up last minute. This should have been planned months ago but we didnt make our final decisions till now. I'm looking forward to starting our life at our new Duty Station.