As most of you know, I had placenta previa, which showed up in my second trimester ultrasound. I had one final ultrasound scheduled during my 37th week.

My Husband had Duty the day of our Doctors appointment. So we met at the Doctors office. On Thursday, January 9, 2014, I was 37 weeks 5 Days. The ultrasound showed that the placenta was still sitting low. The doctor decided that she would schedule me for a C-Section ASAP. They put me on the schedule for Friday, January 10, 2014 at 530am.

My Husband and I were both excited and nervous at the same time. We didn't have time to really prepare or contact family and friends. We decided we would notify everybody after the baby was born. First thing he had to do was notify his job so that they could relieve him of his Duty.

We didn't get much sleep at all. I think I literally got about an hour, maybe two of sleep. It was really cold outside on our way to the hospital. When we checked in the doctor and the nurses said that I did not seem nervous at all. That was funny to me because I knew I was nervous and excited.

The baby was born at 7:54am, 6lbs 10oz 19in.

When he came out he had trouble breathing. He was breathing really fast and hard. They said that he had some air pockets in his longs. The hospital that I delivered at does not have a NICU so my son was transferred to Wolfson Childrens Hospital, in Jacksonville, Florida. It's about an hour away from where we live.

This was not expected at all. It was my worst fear. I didnt want anything to go wrong because I knew that my son would have to be transferred to another hospital with out me. I stayed at the hospital for 48 hrs after my C-Section. The normal stay is 72 hours but since my son was at a different hospital i asked to be discharged early so I could go spend my time with him.

My little guy was able to fully recover. They had him on oxygen and gave him some antibiotics. He was cleared to go home on our original discharge day, which was Monday January 13, 2014. He did not have any more problems after that. I was glad that he was healthy and that we were able to finally go home together as a family!

The birth was recorded and I posted it on my YouTube Channel. Since we do not live near our families, this was the only way that we could share the birth of our son with them. I'm sure most people will not be interested in watching our video, but it's a public video so if you would like to watch it. Click HERE
(I watched a ton of videos on women having c-sections before I had my c-section, so if your a mom that might have to have a c-section, then you might know how I felt!)