My baby boy is getting big! We've started giving him cereal because the milk was not filling him up. He get's a teaspoon of cereal with is milk once per day. I give it to him after 8pm. It seems to fill him up. He's sleeping better. If he goes to sleep at 9 or 10pm he will sleep for atleast 5 hours now.

He will only suck a pacifier if he's really tired and will only suck it for about a minute before he spits it out and starts fussing because it's out of his mouth. He will not suck it without me holding it in his mouth. I'm going to have to purchase on of those pacifier buddies. I'm hoping i can find one locally so that i will not have to order one offline and pay for shipping.

Cayden has been drooling a lot these last few weeks. I'm sure he's not teething because he hasn't been fussy or anything. He also sucks on his hands when he's hungry. I think he prefers his hands over a pacifier. Even when i'm feeding him a bottle he will sneak his fingers in his mouth at the same time. So i'm constently cleaning his hands. I have some huggies all natural baby wipes. They are alcohol free so im able to use them for diaper changes and for cleaning his hands and face also.