Cayden has officially grown out of most of his size 0-3 Month clothes. There's still some that he can fit. I've been taking pictures of his stuff and selling it on Ebay in Lots.

I had to change his Formula from Gerber Soy to Gerber Soothe because he has been having excessive gas lately. I'm hoping this change will help him. The gas has been having him wake up crying and fussing. The Doctor said it could take up to two weeks for the Soy Formula to flush out of his system. Which means it will take about two weeks for me to notice a change in him.

We purchased a Door Way Jumper for Cayden and he loves it. He doesn't really jump yet but he bounces a lot. The music really gets him excited. I'm not sure why he doesn't jump yet because as soon as you stand him up on your lap he will start to jump. lol. Maybe he's trying to figure out how to properly use his new toy.