That time has come again. It's time for us to relocate!

We have been in Kings Bay, GA for almost 3 years. It was never a place that I wanted to live. I'm not a fan of the bugs and the humidity. I've gotten use to this weather now but i still can't accept the mosquitoes and biting gnats.

We now have orders for Norfolk, VA. We are excited because we are moving back to a larger city. Kings Bay is a small town. We enjoy going places and doing things without having to drive 45 minutes to get there. Big cities come with traffic so maybe we will still have a longer commute. lol.

I also know that the weather is different out there. They have winter storms and where we are now it's pretty much warm year round, even when we have tropical rain storms.

Any info you would like to share about being stationed in Norfolk? Share away! I would love to hear about your experiences there.