We are set to PCS at the end of June and normally I'm a planner and I make sure to get things done in advance.  I'm getting started on our first Home Inventory List. I should have done this a few weeks ago but other things have come up that needed to be taken care of first.

I'm going to start by using my receipts and then I will walk thru the house and write down any other furniture items or items that might not be easy to replace. I have a receipt book with receipts for all of our high value items. For me, high value means $50 or more. LOL. I don't do this for clothes or bedding. Just for furniture, my husbands bikes, computers, appliances and other house hold items. I keep the receipts for when we PCS, in case something is broken or missing. We will receive full replacement value of the item if I have my receipt.

We have had about 15 friends PCS since January. I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about the movers breaking and losing things lately. Sometimes they will pack a box and not label it correctly.

For example, there's a box with some clothes, some jewelry, a Blu-Ray player and some other stuff. This box could be labeled as clothes from master room dresser. So, if your Blu-Ray player is missing, there's no way for them to know that they actually shipped a Blu-Ray player because it's not on their inventory list. I

The movers inventory list is created from the items listed on the boxes. You have to make sure that your packers label things correctly or else when you file a claim it could be denied and you will be without an item or stuck with a broken or damaged item.

Make sure you create your own inventory list because it will be very useful when your Household Goods (HHG) are delivered. There's a few apps you can use in the Android Play Store. I have a notebook that I plan to write a list in.