My Husband was Deployed for 10 months. He was originally scheduled to be deployed for 7 months. This was a big deal for us because he hasn't deployed since 2011. Back then we didnt have any kids. This time around we had a 5 year old.

We were lucky enough to be stationed in  my hometown during this deployment. Therefore I had family nearby. It's still not the same as having my spouse with me. I was still excited about being able to spend some time with my family these past 10 months.

We moved to San diego because of my husband's ship. They were changing homeports from Norfolk, Va to San Diego, CA. I havent lived here since 2011 so it still kind of felt like a big PCS move for me. I guess if I was moving in with family then it might have felt like I was moving home. Lol. I dont want to live with anybody so that's not an option. Even though it would have allowed me to save a ton of money.

We ended up moving into Military Housing and it was the best decision for us. I was surround by great people that provided me with an awesome support system. They have all been through a deployment while raising children. 

If your going through a deployment, I would suggest building a strong support system with other military spouses in similar situations. You can depend on one another and help guide each other.

Please feel free to share your deployment tips with me in the comment section!