Last year I helped a few spouses setup their first PCS moves last year when my Husbands ship was completing a homeport change from Norfolk, VA to San Diego, CA(my Hometown!). That was actually our second time dealing with a homeport change so I was very familiar with the dos and donts of a homeport change and very seasoned when it comes to PCS moves in general. For those that are new to this process, Here's a simple run down of how to start the move process! website is where you start the PCS Process. You can create an account that will allow you to schedule your movers and or start a ppm move. You should try to start arranging for the shipment of household goods as early as possible. Most families move during peak months or in areas with large military populations. You will most likely limit your options as far as dates, if you wait till the last minute.

You can get the process done by your self. All you have to do is go to First step is to create an account. Next step is to start an application for a move. Once the application is submitted you will receive an email within a few days letting you know which transportation company will move your items for you. 

Once you are assigned a transportation company, that company will contact you to do a pre-move survey. This consist of the either coming out to your house to inspect how much stuff will be moved. Due to Covid-19 they have been doing a live video chat so that they can see how much stuff is in your house. This is how they know how much supplies should be sent with the packers to pack your house up.

Once the movers arrive to your new location to deliver your household goods, you have the option to request a full unpack. We have requested this for the last 3 PCS moves. It consist of the movers emptying all of the boxes and placing the items on a hard surface, i.e. table, counter, desk, bed or floor. They will also take all the empty boxes and packing paper with them. The full unpack helps tremendously. That's one less task that you have to think about and it also allows you to see everything and put it in its proper place easily. 
If you decide that you do not want them to unpack everything you can request that they only unpack certain boxes or you can ask for them to not open any boxes. Once the movers leave, they DO NOT have to come back and pick up your empty boxes and packing supplies. They actually have you sign a waiver with this statement on it before they leave.


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