These past 11 days have felt so long. I don't think I've been able to relax until today. My husband finished up his 40 days of leave and starting his first day at his new command yesterday. Funny thing was, we were both nervous. haha.

Since I'm not working I guess I have to live through him right now. He had to show up in his whites and of course he didn't even try and prepare the day before so he was running around the housing trying to piece together the uniform that he hasn't wore since 2011. He kept asking me a billion questions about a billion things and I kept doing the same to him. lol. I guess I'm not really much help at all. At least we were able to laugh about it all, after he came home from work 2 hours later. All that stress and only worked two hours yesterday.

I think I know my way around our new city now. I had to go in cirlces a billion times just to find what I was looking for. I've done this daily since I've been here. I can officially say i'm an expert on where the fast food places, grocery stores, gas stations and Walmart are!