Our vehicles have finally arrived in Georgia. It took about three weeks. I don't understand what the delay was and of course Depenable Auto Shippers are not giving explanations. We shipped and paid for our vehicles on May 31, 2013.

The Charger left San Diego around the 8th of June. It didn't get here till today. The Jeep left San Diego a few days later and got here on the 18th of June. I do not understand what they did and why they didn't ship the vehicles together.

I've never had a good experience shipping cars. It's just easier then driving them 1200 miles. I am happy that both vehicles arrived safe and unharmed. Those are my two babies and I missed them! lol. I was glad to return the rental car yesterday. I dislike driving "other peoples" cars. I'm only comfortable in my own cars. Maybe i'm just use to driving my cars.

One things for sure, we know that we should be in one place for two years. It's nice to know that we are not having to pack up and move again anytime soon. Two years is a lot for us, due to his previous orders, and us moving all over the place. When 2015 comes around, I guess I will be ready to do this thing all over again.

The life of a Navy Wife!