I went to the hair salon to get my hair braided/twisted. It's in Kinky Twist. This process took 6.5 hours. I had to sit in a chair the whole time plus take a few bathroom breaks in between. I've been in bed and at home for the most of my pregnancy. This 6.5 hours was hell to me! lol Most activity I've had in months. I also had to drive to Jacksonville, FL to get my hair done, which was about 40 miles from my house.

A few days later we drove to Birmingham, Alabama to spend Labor Day Weekend with my Husbands family. This was about an 8 hour drive. I guess you can say I was out of the bed and out of the house for most of the week.

My feet were swollen for a few days. They were really big but they didn't hurt. They looked as if they should hurt. I'm not sure if it's from sitting in the chair while getting my hair done with sneakers on. I know that my feet were huge afterwards.

I've also had some bad back and neck pain. For example if I'm sitting upright, such as sitting at the table eating, my back will start hurting and I will need to lay down.

I'm not lacking energy this week. I've just been feeling a lot of discomfort. Week 19 is almost over and I'm hoping that I can get over this painful phase because it's very uncomfortable.