I'm a little late with this post but I'm 18 weeks this week. I didn't get to find out what the baby's gender is. The baby had it's legs crossed and was acting stubborn! Guess the baby is already acting just like the mother. lol

The baby is healthy and all the organs were looking great. Only thing was, we couldn't see what was between those little legs. The baby also had the hand covering the face. I'm assuming she was tired or something. Or maybe she's acting lazy like me. I was sleep right before I left for my doctor appointment. Maybe "SHE" was tired also! Of course I still think it's a girl.

I have had some indigestion this week. It's been bothering me like it did in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Maybe because I've been trying to eat full meals. I'm going to have to go back to just having a bite or two. I do not like the way that indigestion feels. It really bothers me!

I've been having headaches also. I take Tylenol for the headaches but I'm trying some natural remedies starting today. I have an Adult Amber Necklace on. The pain that I've mentioned in my right leg in my prior weeks post, that pain is still there and now I have an Adult Amber Anklet. This has been helping me some. I only feel pain when I'm laying down so now that pain has lessened. I'm hoping by tonight it will just go away all together!

My next doctors appointment is in 4 weeks. They will do another ultrasound and check on the baby. I'm going to drink lots of cold water right before the ultrasound. Someone told me that this makes the baby active.

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