I went to the doctor for my prenatal appointment today. It was a pretty fast appointment. They checked the baby's heart beat and took some blood from me. The blood work is so that can check and make sure that there are no abnormalities. Any time they have to check for things like that I get scared.

The doctor said I was progressing good and the baby had a strong heart beat. I'm still thinking that it's a girl. They also said that the baby can hear but not comprehend. I wish they would of left the comprehend part out. Now my husband thinks he can still say whatever he wants. lol. Whenever he's talking too much I use to say, "shhh, the baby can hear you". Now he has proof that the baby can't understand what is being said. lol.

We can't forget about my big appointment in two days. I will find out the sex of the little baby!!!

In four weeks I go back for my next prenatal appointment. That one will be the nasty one I think. lol. I will have to do the glucose test where they make me drink some super sweet drink to see how me and the baby react to it.

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