Today I'm officially 16 weeks. I have 12 more days before I find out the sex of the baby.

As for me, I've been sleeping a lot! This is a good thing because it's always hard for me to go to sleep. This week I've even been taking naps. I'm hoping that things will keep going smooth for me.

One bad thing I've experienced is that I've been having leg pain while sleeping. I've been using the pregnancy pillow. It's helping out some. I'm going to try to use the Amber Necklace as a anklet tonight. Lets see if it takes my pain away.

We did some more baby shopping this week. Bought boy and girls clothes again. lol. I'm still finding a ton of cute girl stuff. It's so hard to find boy stuff. Any recommendations on where to find cute boy clothes?

 Here's a pic of my belly. My hair was not combed so I cut my head out of the picture. Keep in mind that I had a belly before I got pregnant. lol. Now I can actually say it's a baby belly!!