It's been hard for me to keep up with my routine manicures since I've had little to no energy lately. So I decided to get some acrylic on my nails. No more natural nail care for me.

The acrylics last two weeks and look great for the full two weeks. The regular manicure takes more upkeep. The polish does not last long. Once the polish starts to chip I have to get my nails polished again. My fake nails are the length of my natural nails.

When you get acrylic nails applied to your nails it is sort of rough on your natural nails. They have to drill your nail bed some so that the fake nails will stick. I know it sounds horrible!

The bad thing that happened to me was, once they applied the nails my nails started to burn. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant and I'm more sensitive or if it was because I haven't had acyclic nails in almost two years. The burning sensation only lasted for about five minutes but it was still weird. At that moment I wish I didn't decide to get acrylics!

On another note, we have 8 more days till we find out the sex of the baby!!

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