This week has been very uncomfortable for me. I've been having acid reflex and I haven't had much of an appetite. I've also been feeling really tired and sluggish. I had an upset stomach a few times this week. The prior weeks were better then this week.

I guess since i'm getting further along in my pregnancy things are starting to change up more. I thought the further along I get the easier it will get. I was very wrong about that.

I can't complain about anything. It's all normal pregnancy symptoms. I just wish I didn't have to have any pregnancy symptoms, but that would be a perfect world and of course that can't happen.

I have started working on the baby's nursery. I was tired of seeing it look like a storage room. Since I do not have much energy this will be a long project for me. I will post a picture next week of my progress of the Nursery.

I'm still open for baby name suggestions. This week my current list of names are Brayen and Jayson. Every week I come up with new names that I love. lol