Cayden is trying to Crawl and he's also talking a lot. He can finally say DADA. Every time I tell him to say MAMA he laughs. lol. It's so cute. He's still a little guy compared to all the other babies. He's almost 17lbs.

Last month he started scooting around on the floor. The week he turned 7 months, two teeth started to cut through. He's super active. Loves to play and make noise. He sleeps very good! Bedtime is around 7 or 8pm and he wakes up between 6:30-9am.

He now wants to eat everything he sees. Especially our food. He loves the baby food that I feed him twice a day but I also have to feed him whatever I'm eating. The only things that I avoid letting him taste for now are, chocolate, peanut butter, seafood and red meat. He drinks a bottle every 3-4 hours and drinks between 6 and 8 ounces per bottle I give him two bottles throughout the night but he never wakes up. I also change his diaper twice during the night.

I post pictures daily of him on my Instagram and videos weekly of him on my Youtube channel. I haven't had much time to blog over the last few months. So find me on Instagram and Youtube for now!!