We have been putting Cayden on the floor more often so that he can start rolling over more. Right now he only rolls if he's at the right position and he's able to. He doesn't just roll from his back to his stomach and vise versa.

He's still sleeping through the night. We have increased his feedings from 4oz to 6oz. I was giving him 4oz but he was drinking them more frequently then the normal 3 hour schedule that he has been on since birth. It's not really a schedule that we have set for him, he's just on his own schedule and it works for all of us.

He loves to kick his legs and tries to move them like he's crawling when he's on his stomach. He can lift his head up pretty high when he's on his back also. It looks like he's going to lift his self up and get up. lol.  It's so adorable. He's growing up!