This week Cayden has been reaching for us and grabbing things. If something is in front of him he will reach for it and grab it. Everything he gets his hands on goes straight to his mouth. He's still teething but he wears his Amber Teething Necklace, which keeps all the pain and irritability away. That thing is a lifesaver. If you haven't purchased one for your teething baby, then you need to ASAP. We haven't had any pain or discomfort since Cayden has been teething.

Cayden has been playing with more of his toys this week. I've had him in his walker and his bouncy toy. He sits in both and plays with the toys for a few minutes. They do not hold his attention for long. I've been introducing him to these two toys so that he can sit up more and also get use to being in them.

He still doesn't hold his own bottle but he tries to. I try to give him some milk in his sippy cup a few times everyday so that he can learn to suck from the sippy cup. I'm introducing him to it slowly. He literally just sucks from the cup, a few minutes each day. The sippy cup has handles on it so he might start holding the sippy cup before he ever actually holds his bottle. lol.