My baby is officially 5 months. Which means my Husband and I have survived 5 months of parenthood! How awesome is that !?!

Cayden tries to hold his bottles but he doesn't know how to do it all by himself yet. I'm going to start introducing the baby cups to him twice a day. They are sippy cups but they have the soft spout and feels similiar to a baby bottle nipple. Lets see how this turns out. I'm hoping we can transition to sippy cups within the next few months.

Cayden really knows who his parents are and he knows which one of us he wants and at what time he wants us. lol. It's so funny to see him look at one of us and smile and start getting so excited. When my Husband comes home from work Cayden  gets excited and wants him to pick him up. He can't reach for us but he can open his arms and sort of put his hands up. I'm assuming that's his version of reaching. lol