Cayden has been laughing and smiling a lot. He loves to play and giggle. He's been sampling a lot of our food that we eat. We are planning to start feeding him baby food when he's 6 months. So that's about another month from now. I can tell that he's ready for food. He's not really interested in his formula but I make sure he finishes his bottles because I want to be sure that he gets all his nutrients.

Cayden is still teething and he's been fussy a few times this past week when I took his Amber Teething necklace off. I had to take it off because he had a raw spot in his neck area. This is from him drooling constantly.

He has also been fussy around nap time. I'm not sure if this is related to him teething or not, but he wants to sleep in my arms a lot. When I go to lay him down he either wakes up or cries sometimes. Maybe this is a phase that he's going through. I hope my baby is not acting spoiled. lol

The Child Development Center (CDC) on base offers drop in hourly child care when there's space available. I dropped Cayden off for 5 hours on Friday so that I can get things done around the house, run errands and go grocery shopping. When all of that was done, The husband and I, was able to go and see a movie also. My husband normally only works a few hours on Friday so his schedule allowed us some time together. That was our first date without the baby since he has been born. When we go places, even the movies, we always take the baby with us.

Taking Cayden to the CDC also gives me some time to myself. Since we do not have any family around us this is how we get help with the baby. It works for him to because he loves the staff and they love him. He's a people watcher so he enjoys watching the other babies run around and crawl around.