Cayden has started pulling up and standing. He's a speed crawler. lol. He will walk on furniture and anything else he can use to walk with. Our entertainment center in the living room is his favorite. He will stand up and play with everything on the entertainment center. I have baby proofed the house so there's nothing in his way that could hurt him.

We have baby gates up so that he can't get to things that he shouldn't be able to play with or things that are not safe for him. He has 8 teeth now. 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. His lip covers the two front teeth at the top and we think he might have a lip tie. Remember when he was born he had a tongue tie.

He's very independent and tries to put his clothes on while i'm putting them on. He tries to put his arms into the seat belt slots in his car seat while i'm trying to do it. He even tries to sit up on his changing table while i'm changing him. lol. I have to keep laying him down because he keeps sitting up which makes it impossible for me to change him.

He's crawling fast but not walking yet. I do not think he will walk by his first birthday. He's still scared when he stands up and has to let go of whatever he's holding onto.

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