11.10.14 Baby boy turned 10 months. He learned how to crawl. Has 6 teeth and never had a problem with teething because he wears his Amber Teething Necklace. Eats everything he sees. There's no food that he does not currently like.

He's no longer on a bottle. He has transitioned to a sippy cup with a handle on it. This took about two days for him to get use to. The first day was okay. He would drink from the cup after a few mintues of playing with it each time. Then when he wanted some milk in the middle of the night he got fussy and frustrated and refused to drink from the cup. I stuck to it and didnt give him a bottle. When he finally woke up hungry in the morning he decided to drink from his cup. He's been on a cup ever since then.

I let him feed himself Apple Cherrios for Breakfast and some Gerber Strawberry Yogurt Bites. I feed him his other meals and let him feed himself snacks. Whenever i let him try to feed himself other meals he just plays with it. It has to be something small and easy for him to pick up. Such as chicken nuggets cut into small pieces. He can handle that by himself also.

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