Cayden turned 18 months on July 10th.

He's running all over the place. He's very active and loves getting into everything. He likes to climb on stuff and loves being outside. As soon as the door opens he tries to jet right out the door. His favorite thing to do outside is grab sticks and play with them. He also loves to play in dirt and sand. He's not afraid of bugs at all. He's our little country boy.

Behind our house is the woods. So there's always sticks and dirt near us. The only problem is it's about 90 plus degrees in Southeast Georgia.

Cayden spends his days going to early Preschool. He started on August 3rd. It's a full time program and he loves it! It's not a daycare. It's a private school that has a full curriculum. This helps him learn and he gets to gain social skills while playing with the other kids his age.

He's still not fully talking yet but he knows how to get his point across. He can say Mama, Dada, Tete(auntie), NaNa(Grandma). If he's thirsty he will grab his cup, if it's empty he will bring it to us to give him something to drink. He also knows how to point at things that he wants.

His favorite foods are mac and cheese, string cheese, pudding, yogurt, bologna and all fruits and vegetables. He our little fruit fly. The boy loves him some fruit. There's not much that he doesn't like. He just enjoys somethings more then others.

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