In about 3 more months Cayden will be 2 years old. I'm already done counting months. Now when someone ask how old he is I say " he will be 2 in January" lol.

Cayden has been in school since August. He has learned so much since he's been there. Some good and some bad. More good then bad! He says more words, knows some colors, tries to say all the abcs and he has also picked up a sickness every other week! smh. I never knew kids had this many germs. Those cooties make their way into our house at least twice a month. It's never just a common cold, it's something to requires antibiotics or some other type of prescription medicine. Hopefully we become immune to everything before the year ends.

We really think he needs to be in school and around other children because he's an only child. He needs the social skills. Going to school provides kids with more then just an education. It's a safety net that catches medical, social and developmental issues also.

It took about two weeks to receive the proofs. I've submitted the payment for the pose that I wanted. I was only able to pick from two. I was hoping to have more selections but my boy took some good pics. The quality of the pics weren't so good. I'm hoping for better ones in the spring but they will have the same photographer so I'm sure they will be the same.

The school sent home a flyer to order books twice, a cookie dough fundraiser and now some school pictures. All of this in about a two and a half month time frame. School is expensive!