I have been using the Target App for years but this past year I\"ve been using their drive up service. Curbside pickup has become the new thing due to the current Pandemic but the stores should have always offered this service. When you have a child that\"s in a car seat or even multiple small children,  it\"s a hassle to get out of the car to grab one or two items. It\"s so convenient when i can just jump in the car and run down the street to pickup my items really quick. No long lines, no contact and no waiting.  

I\"ve purchased a variety of items from Target Drive Up such as furniture (yes, I\"ve purchased a chair, table, lamps and a dresser), clothes, personal hygiene items, snacks, fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. There\"s no minimum purchase required and if the item is no longer in stock when they get your order ready, then you will be refunded for that item. The items are guaranteed to be ready within 2 hours. Its typically ready sooner than that. 

You drive up, park in the designated Drive Up area that is marked with large signs. Then and the app notifies the store that you are outside. You can then select what type of car you are in and what color the car is. They will bring your order to the car and hand it to you, place it in the backseat or in the trunk. Whichever works best for you. It\"s so convenient and I use it at least twice a week. I also tell everyone else about it. They need to offer a referral program like Walmart does. LOL