I've been working from home for almost a year now. I wanted my office to feel comfortable since I spend so much time in it. I would like to say that me being comfortable will assist with my productivity but we know that's not always true. LOL. I really enjoy working from the comforts of my own home and being able to have a relaxed work environment.

I originally started off working at the dinning room table because my desk in my room was used for storage. There was literally no room for me to work at all. I cleaned my desk and organized it. Then I decided to purchase a few desk organization items, a memory foam mousepad, keyboard rest pad, seat cushion, foot cushion and a few other items. Memory foam works really well. I also get up and walk around a lot as well so I never feel tired or tense from sitting for extended period of times.

I've created an amazon list of items that I have purchased and recommend. I hope these items help make your work from home journey a little bit smoother. Please share links for items that you use in your work from home office as well!
Amazon List