Since the Pandemic started, a lot of people are now working from the comforts of their own homes. This has been a game changer. It saves on long commutes, people are able to spend more time with their families and it’s a very convenient and ideal work environment. 

Most Military families have to relocate every 2-5 years. Sometimes that means we have to leave our jobs and find one at the new duty station. Work from home jobs can be transferred to other states. Of course your not guaranteed to transfer your job just because it’s work from home. There is still a high possibility that you could depending on which state your moving to. 

Most of the work from home jobs I’ve seen do not offer employment to people that live in California but I’ve also saw some jobs list that they will hire a military spouse in California if the Service Members home of record is one of the states that they hire in.

I’ve gathered a small list of companies that are always hiring for work from home positions. I’ve worked at a few of these companies in the past and really enjoyed the work schedule, the pay and the relaxed job responsibilities. 

Some of these companies have open availability for call center positions on a regular basis. The more advanced positions fill faster. You can apply for jobs that are phone based and jobs that are email and chat based. 

If your like myself and prefer a job that does not require you to be on the phone all day then only apply for positions that interest you. Not all positions are call center/customer service positions. Do your research and apply for jobs that your interested in.

I will only link the companies career website and not actual positions. You will have to search to see which positions are available. I do recommend that you type in remote as one of the search options to narrow down the search on some of these websites.

Some of the positions have specific locations that they hire in. Some positions will only specify the locations that they are NOT hiring in. So if you live in Florida and the remote position says it’s based In Oregon but they do not hire in California, Alaska and Hawaii, then you can apply because your state would be one that they are willing to hire in.

Do not just assume you don’t qualify because the position says it’s based in Oregon. You do not need to live in the state that the position is advertised for, UNLESS the job post specified that they are only hiring local employees that reside in a specific state. Since these are virtual positions, most employers are flexible when it comes to your location. 

Some employers only hire locally because they want you to be able to come pick your computer equipment up. Most companies will ship the computer equipment to you.

If you have any questions on how to apply, leave a comment and I will answer. 

Alorica-Current link is for a full time position that pays $16.50/HR and they will provide the computer. If the link no longer works, then the positions have been filled. They offer various positions so go to their website and see what else is available. Some  positions, they require you to use your own personal computer and some positions will come with a computer included.

The Hartford-has positions that start at $17+/hr. provides equipment for most positions.

Wayfair-Various positions available. They provide the computer for you to use for work. 

Allstate- has positions that start at $16.75/hr. They provide the computer for you to use for work.  

Amazon- has positions that start at $15/hr. They provide the computer for you to use for work. 

CVS-has positions that start around $15/hr. They provide the computer for you to use for work.

Verizon Wireless- I do not know they pay but they offer part time and full time positions plus they provide the computer for you to use for work.

Best Buy- Customer Care positions start at $15.50/hr. They have various work from home positions available and they provide the computer to use for work. (If you live in Hawaii, you can apply for this job. Most companies do not hire work from home employees in Hawaii)

Concentrix- They have customer service positions that pay an average of $14/hr. The pay rate depends on the position your applying for.

Direct Interactions ( If you live in Hawaii, apply with this company!)- Various positions Available. 

Cue Health (If you live in California, apply!) - Various positions available