I had a doctors appointment this week with my primary care doctor because I needed to get a referral to the dermatologist. Not sure If they will be able to really treat me while I'm pregnant but my face has been really itchy and dry lately. I'm hoping it's just pregnancy related. The doctor also gave me some stool softeners to help me have a "smooth" transition in the restroom. lol

I went to see my prenatal doctor this week. My belly registered a little over 32 inches. The doctor said it was normal as long as I register within two inches of where I'm suppose to be.

On Thanksgiving morning I had two bumps that were hard and painful so I decided to go to the E.R. just so they could give me some antibiotics for the bumps. Turns out they were Abscess and they needed to cut them open and drain them. They numbed the area and it took all of two minutes to cut and drain them. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics to clear up any infection that could have been caused by the Abscess. The pain was still there for a few days afterwards.

I've also been feeling some pressure in my pelvic area. It almost hurts to walk at times. It's not a constant pain. It comes and goes during the day. I've noticed that sometimes I get the dizzy effect without being dizzy. I will see small burst of light, like when you see stars then you faint. This has happen a few times this week. I will tell my doctor at my next appointment.

I received a few more gifts from my baby registry this week! Me and Baby Mills love gifts.