I went to the Doctor and had an ultrasound this week. When I got there I told them about my abscess from Last Thursday and they decided to check me out just to make sure I didn't have any infections or anything. I was cleared.

The baby is growing and he's healthy! He's weighing about 4 pounds 3 ounces. He's pretty much fully developed. His lungs will need a few more weeks before they are fully developed. My placenta is still in the same place so I'm still diagnosed with Placenta Previa. I will go back for my next ultrasound at 37 weeks.

I'm still feeling a lot of pressure and discomfort in my pelvic area. I've noticed that my stomach looks like it has already started to drop. His head is down there and that's what the pressure is that I'm feeling.

This week my throat has been burning a lot at night. I try not to eat anything after 9pm, but I will still start burping and my throat will start burning around midnight. One night this week, I was up till 5am because of this!

We went to my Husbands Command Christmas Party. It was hard to find a maternity dress so I just wore pants with a nice blouse. I made sure that we sat in the back so I could be as close as I could to the restroom. Even If I have nothing to drink, I still have to pee as if I've had a full glass of water. lol. Within three hours I think I went to the restroom about 4 times.

We also attended a car seat safety class this week. It was offered through the WIC program. It took about 15 minutes but we actually learned a lot. Especially with us being new parents and all. We didn't know much about how to install a car seat or how to make sure the baby using the right seat the right way.