As of now, sleeping is a thing of the past. I've been woke more then i'm sleep. I always hear most pregnant women say that they sleep a lot and are always tired. I'm the opposite. I'm wide awake at night and I'm not even tired. Maybe it's because I'm ready for the baby to get here and i'm so excited that I'm not able to sleep?? I hope this is the reason!

I had a craving for fried fish last night. I haven't really been into eating fried foods lately so this was something new for me. Once I had the plate in front of me I could only eat one piece. I guess my cravings aren't as intense as I thought they would be. I'm still eating sweets often. I shouldn't but they are my favorite thing to eat.

I'm still feeling pressure down below. It makes walking difficult and sometimes painful. Especially If I have to pee. Once I feel the urge and stand up to head to the bathroom, my legs go into over drive and start to hurt and I have to walk slow. It still feels like I've been saddled on a horse all day.

I have my next prenatal appointment next week.