My son is 11lbs 12oz today. We went for a follow up doctor visit today. That's how I found out that my little guy is not so little anymore.

I noticed that he has been having gas and hiccups a lot now. I decided to purchase some gripe water. I give it to him once a day. We've been using it for a few days now. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet. I'm hoping that this stops the hiccups because I know they bother him.

Cayden loves to smile and play now. Whenever he sees somebody he smiles. He's such a friendly baby. He's sleeping good at night, atleast five hours. Drinks his bottle around 2am and then again at 6am. He doesn't even wake up when he drinks his bottle. I'm also able to change his diaper while he's sleeping too. He's growing up so fast!