The day Cayden turned 12 weeks was also the day he took his first airplane ride! The first flight was 2 hours from Jacksonville, FL to Baltimore, MD with a 2 hour layover. The second flight was from Baltimore to San Diego, CA was a 5.5 hour flight. The baby did great on both flights. He slept on the first flight. The second flight he slept for about an hour and then he was wide awake watching people line up for the restroom. lol. He smiled and talked to each person that passed by us. That kept him so busy that he wasn't able to get any sleep.

His nose started to run on the second flight. I was hoping it was because it was cold on the plane because my nose started to run a little bit too. Well I was wrong. We both caught a cold from flying or from the climate change. I'm not sure which one it was but this was my babies first time being sick.

He still enjoyed his visit to San Diego. It was the first time that he met my family. He was spoiled by them the whole time. They didn't want him to leave. Leaving San Diego was bittersweet for all of us!