I have my son in Daycare because I've been actively seeking employment and going on interviews. He's at the daycare on base where my Husband works. It's the Navy Child Development Center. I love his teachers and so does my little Cayden.

They only offer full time care so I decided that I will go there for about an hr a day when I do not have any interviews scheduled. Cayden is so excited to be around other little babies that he pays me no attention when I'm there! lol. He enjoys playing with the toys and stuff. He has so much fun there that I decided to purchase him all the toys that he uses there so that he can have a set at home. Of course he doesn't like them as much when he's at home. lol

This week Cayden has been reaching for items, such as his toys. He can lay on his stomach and hold his head up for a long time. He even kicks his legs while he's doing it. I think he's ready to start trying to crawl already.

He's a drooler. Has been this way for at least a month now. It's getting worst each day. He's also started sucking on his fist/hands now. My baby has officially started to teeth and he's only 14 weeks. I put his amber teething necklace on him. Lets see how this works for him.

My baby boy is also getting big! I'm thinking that he's going to weigh in at about 14 or 15 pounds when we go for his 4 month check up on May 3rd.