I believe the last time I shared 10 facts about me was in 2012. My life has changed so much since then. I've become a mom to a little person and I've had a ton of new life experiences. So here's some info about Leisure!
  1. I enjoy being on social media since it's the main source of communication for me and my family
  2. Have lived in San Diego, San Bernardino, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Bremerton, San Diego(again), Kings Bay, Hampton (8 cities, 5 states)
  3. Married to a hot U.S. Navy Sailor
  4. Had my first and only child when I was 27
  5. I'm the coolest mom ever to a 5 year old named Cayden
  6. Best trip I've taken was to Savannah, GA
  7. I enjoy traveling and living life everyday as if it's a vacation
  8. I've never traveled outside of the country
  9. I'm a few credits away from having my bachelors degree
  10. Favorite movie is Beverly Hills Cop
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