Since my Husband is active duty Military, we have drivers licenses from states that we do not currently live in. It's time for us to renew our Drivers Licenses now. Mines is a GA license and my Husbands is an Alabama License. Both states allow us to renew online if our address is correct on the current license. If you have a new address then you will have to print the renewal form out and provide some proof of being active duty or a spouse.

As we know, sometimes it's hard to get the command to write a letter right away. It could take days and sometimes people wait till the last minute to renew their licenses. I suggest you start the renewal process at least 30 days before the expiration date. This will allow you some time to gather all required documents.

You are not required to get a license in your current state. In the State of Virginia, If you obtain a license, you are considered a resident. Residents have to pay property tax for their vehicles. This is in addition to vehicle registration. Make sure to check the laws in your current state if you plan to obtain a license there.

I hope I'm able to help someone with this information. Please share your experiences below. Each one, teach one!