I think I caught one of those 24 hour viruses that started around 2am. My tummy was hurting really bad so I took some baking soda and hot water. I always take that when I have a tummy ache. I managed to go to sleep. Then woke up around 7am because I had to vomit. Sorry for the TMI.

I don't know what made me sick. I only had breakfast and lunch. I had no appetite for dinner last night. I also drank a few bottles of water and a can of sweet tea. When i threw up it was brown, only think I could think that it was was the last thing I had to drink, which was the sweet tea.

I checked my temperature and it was 100.6.  This evening when my husband came home, he gave me an Ice pack to put behind my neck and a cold rag to put on my forehead. I drank some ginger ale and had some chicken and rice soup with crackers. This finally settled my stomach down. During the day I was only drinking a little bit of water every few hours because I felt so sick and dizzy. 

It is now 10:15 pm and I'm feeling much better. I am still a little dizzy. My temp is currently 99.4. I decided to take a picture to show that i'm feeling much better. I don't look sick at all right now. lol. but I still do not feel great, I do feel better though!

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