I wanted to make my Husband something this year for Valentines Day. I'm always on Pinterest and I come across so many ideas. I'm pin ning things left and right and i'm never taking time out to create any of my ideas.

I ended up making my Husband a Man Bouquet! It's not flowers. It's all the things that he enjoys. I have some candy, energy drinks, shots of liquor, chap stick and lotto scratch offs. What more could my man want? lol. I will probably try to squeeze a few more items into his "Bouquet" today.

I know he's going to enjoy this little treat. I want to show it to him now, but i'm going to wait till tomorrow to give it to him.

Valentines Day sort of sneaked up on me this year. I almost forgot about it. I haven't even mentioned to him what I want, well besides a new Jeep, but I ask for that ALL the time. lol

How I Created the Man Bouquet
What you will need:
Skewers (wooden sticks)
Flower Foam
Glue Gun
Decorated Tissue Paper
Vase or Flower Pot
Items for your Bouquet (i.e. shot bottles, chap stick etc.)

I used the glue gun to add glue to the back of each item then I stuck a wooden stick to it. You have to stick the sticks to the glue asap because the glue dries up fast.

I put some glue at the bottom of my vase and then put the tissue paper in there. 

Next you will add the flower foam to your vase. I had to cut mines so that it would fit my vase

Begin to add your wooden sticks by sticking them into the flower foam and organizing them as you like.

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