My husband had the weekend off. He hasn't had the weekend off in about a month.  We couldn't wait to finally be able to spend some time together. He has been working long hours and getting off work around 10 pm plus duty every four days. It's nice to get time off from work. Plus I love date nights!

Saturday we went to Port Townsend. It's a small old beach town about an hour outside of Bremerton, WA. It sort of felt like San Diego a little bit with the beach area. The only problem was it was about 35 degrees. Not beach weather at all. lol. We took a walk on the beach and found a nice rock and wrote our name and the date on it. Cute piece of memorabilia. My friend told me about this idea and I loved it!

We also stopped through Fort Worden. It's a multi use park with over two miles of saltwater shoreline. Fort Worden over looks Puget Sound.This is where they filmed the movie "Officer and a Gentlemen". It's an old Army base that is no longer in use. I believe it was decommissioned in the 80's. There's a ton of historic buildings.

The only downside of this visit is that since it's a Washington State Park you have to purchase a discover pass to park anywhere in the park. We drove to three different parts of the park and parked at each site. Our one day discover pass was $10. If you plan to visit State Parks often then the yearly parking pass is $30. I've never heard of this so I thought it was weird. I hear the money goes towards keeping the parks up so that's a good thing!

Super Bowl Sunday!!!
We decided to go to the bar and watch the game. We were both cheering for San Francisco. Funny things is, we aren't fans of the San Francisco 49ers! lol. but hey, we had to pic a side. I figured they are from my home state so that's good enough. Maybe my San Diego Chargers will make the Super Bowl next year. It's nice to dream big!

We ended up going to two bars. Once in Bremerton and one in Manette. The one in Bremerton had a ton of specials on food and drinks plus free popcorn. The one in Manette had free food! It was like going to a tail gate. I loved it! We played pool at both bars and met a few friends while we were there.

My weekend went so well that I did not want it to end. Well today is Monday and my husband has already left for work. It's time for me to clean this house up and take care of business. I'm enrolled in Online classes and this is week two of the semester so I have a lot of studying to do today.
 they had a breathalyzer inside of the bar. My husband registered as being over the legal limit. lol. But no worries, I was the designated driver!

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