Today Im linking up with Newlywed Moments through the Tell Me About it Tuesday Blog Hop. She's trying to help out a fellow blogger friend Christie at Satisfaction Through Christ. Read the story below!

Newlywed Moments

Many of you know and follow Christie of Satisfaction Through Christ. She and her husband adopted a baby girl in 2011, and are adopting another girl this April! But adoptions are expensive. They need to raise $35,000 by the time she is born, and $10,000 this week.

Click here to read her post about their new baby girl. What can we as bloggers do to help? I'm open to hearing your ideas, but a few things I can think of that I know Christie would appreciate are (1) share this with as many people as possible, (2) donate something to her upcoming online auction, and (3) donate money if you can. Also, and above all, the biggest thing we can do is PRAY. So will you join me in this? Here is more info from Christie below...

I have been so overwhelmed by the generosity shown towards our family over the last few days.  The response has been amazing and I'm at a loss for words on how to say thank you.  I'm praying that the Lord will give me the proper words at some point.  Words will never be enough, though.

Last night we had a $10 donation come in from a friend.  I emailed her thanking her for her donation and she quickly expressed sadness at not being able to give more.  I told her that every little bit helps...and it does.

If you're anything like me, all you've seen is $35,000 and thought, "There's no way I can help with that."  

I get it and I know -- it's so much bigger than any one of us but it's not too big for God!

This morning the Lord laid an idea on my heart and I've fought Him all day about presenting it to you, but I know that He hasn't called us to walk this road alone.  So, I'm excited to present our biggest fundraising effort yet....

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1
10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl
Goal = $10,000

Our adoption agency has given us 15 days to raise $10,000.  We are praying for 1,000 friends to come alongside of us and donate just $10 each.  

I know $35,000 is overwhelming.  

I know $10,000 is overwhelming.

But $10 is a little less overwhelming.

So, would you commit to partnering with us and would you commit to praying for us?

If so, simply use the PayPal donation widget below and please leave a comment with your first name.  I'd love to use each of your names in a special project for our little girl; something she can always have to remember how many people helped bring her home.

And, if you're so moved, would you share this post?  On your blog, on social media, through email?  May the LORD be glorified in it all...

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