I can't believe I'm almost 28. It doesn't feel like it at all. I love my life as it is and I'm loving the direction that it's moving in. Things can only get better for me. I'm not scared to age. Of course I don't know what will happen in the future. I'm just expecting nothing but good things. I'm claiming it!

The one question that I keep getting asked is "when will you have some babies". For some reason I can't give an answer. I don't know when I will have some babies. lol. I don't even know how many I want. I know it's going to happen in the future. I'm just not sure when.

Right now me and Jeremy are trying to enjoy the time that we get to spend together. With his demanding work schedule we don't much time together. We will probably go out to eat with some of my friends and family on my birthday, that's if, he doesn't have duty that day.

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