As you can see Team Mills is back together! My husbands ship made it home to san diego safely. It had been 13 days since we last seen each other. Im just glad that we are together again.

These past two weeks seemed very long. Some days went by fast and some went by really slow.

He has been working since hes made it back. Im looking forward to him getting some days off soon so we can take a few mini vacations.

Im thinking Las vegas for a weekend getaway and then Arizona the next week. Both are about  a 4 hour drive away. My husband has never been to Arizona so this will be his first time going. Figured we could go see the desert area before it getz hot as h#ll.

We are only in San Diego for a few months. He has orders to Georgia. Its nice that his ship had a homeport change back to San Diego because i get to enjoy my city before we get stuck in the middle of nowhere(Georgia). Lol