I've been following the doctors orders pretty well.  I only left the house this week to go grocery shopping. I have been cooking dinner daily so we have not been eating out at all. I think the baby loves home cooked meals. All of my indigestion went away.

I've been having a lot of headaches lately. Tylenol is not really doing the trick for me. I wish there was something else I could take to get rid of these headaches. They must be due to being pregnant because I don't know where else would cause them right now.

My baby is very active when I drink cold stuff and I love ice cold water! He also wakes up around 12am daily! I'm not sure why he's on this weird schedule but we both need to be on the same schedule. I'm normally laying down and getting ready to go to bed when he's waking up doing jump and jacks. lol

I can't believe I'm almost 6 months pregnant! Time is moving fast for me. I have a lot of baby stuff. My grandmother said she would buy the baby swing. I think that's going to be a life safer. I remember it did wonders for my younger sister! I think the swing will stop me from trying to excessively hold the baby. I don't need a spoiled baby. I want a friendly/happy baby that everybody is willing to watch! But I still want him to like to cuddle with me sometimes. lol

My goal for this week is to come up with some memory book ideas. I know that I've been documenting my pregnancy on my blog but I want something in print. Should I create a photobook? Any other ideas on what I should do?