This post is late because I've had a long, busy and interesting week...

On Wednesday I went to a NBA Pre Season Game. It was my first time at an NBA game so of course I was excited and looking forward to it. The game started at 7pm and my left hand decided to cramp up around 3pm. By 10pm my left hand and arm was killing me and I had a killer headache. I couldn't find my bottle of Tylenol till around 3am, so needless to say I didn't get any sleep. I stayed woke till around 3am.

When I spoke with my Midwife she wrote me a prescription for a wrist stint. I was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Carpal Tunnel. Every week there's literally something new going on with my Pregnancy. The pain in my hand only lasted two days. I decided to wear the stint when I'm sleep, and I do this every other night. Just in case I sleep on my arm in an awkward way, which happens often because Its hard for me to get comfortable now that I have a baby belly.

On Friday, The Husband and I, decided to take an early Baby Moon. This is a little vacation/trip before the baby comes. We are sort of early with this trip but due to his schedule and my current comfort and pain levels, this happen to be the perfect time.

We went to Orlando, Florida which is a three hour drive from where we live. Neither of us have ever been there before so we did the tourist thing. I love Sea World San Diego so I was very excited to check out Sea World Orlando. The Shamu Show was awesome! I peed a billion times while we were there so that sort of irritated me. Then my feet decided they wanted to swell up and hurt. I can't win for loosing! Overall we still had a great time at Sea World.

Our favorite part of the trip was The CSI Experience where you get to dress up and view a fake crime scene and try to solve the case. Both of us solved our cases! I actually felt like I was a part of the CSI Las Vegas Team. lol.

Today is a Holiday and all of my weekend excitement has come to an end. It's time for me to rest and enjoy this day with my Husband, since he has the day off. I've done enough walking these past few days to last me a full week! I can't say that I over did it because as soon as I felt tired, I would take a rest break and sit down and chill out until I felt up to walking again. This way, I knew I wouldn't tire myself or push my self to do more then I could.