I've finally completed my Baby Registry. It took forever for me to pick out things I think I need. Let me know if there are any must have items that I should have on my list.

I've already received some boxes of gifts from my close friends. I have a few friends that just found out that they are pregnant so I will soon be purchasing some stuff so I can make some new baby gift baskets. Every time I receive a box of gifts I get super excited, even though the gifts are for the baby and not me. lol

The baby has a room full of stuff. It's junky because all the stuff is all over the place. I'm hoping that I will start my nesting phase soon so that I can put his room together. It looks nothing like a nursery right now. It looks like a storage room. I'm scared to know how much stuff I will have to organize in  a few months because we acquire more stuff every week.

Here's a picture of some of the stuff in the baby's room so far! (There's even more hiding in the closet)