The doctor put me on bed rest. They saw a possible Placenta Previa on my last ultrasound. I'm suppose to take it easy and rest. No heavy lifting and no strenuous activities.

Since the placenta is not all the way down, they are calling it a possible placenta previa. The doctor thinks that the placenta will move up as the baby grows within the next five weeks. Right now it might be low because there's not enough room inside of my growing belly for it to move up.

I hope this is the case. I do not want to have any complications. We are all by ourselves out here. If it turns out to be a placenta previa we would have to a scheduled C-Section. A C-Section to me, means that I would have to have a recovery period that is longer/harder then I would if I had a vaginal birth. The faster the recovery the better for me.

I'm hoping that these next couple of weeks pass by really fast. When I go back to the doctor they will do a new ultrasound. One things for sure, I love viewing the baby on the screen and being able to go home with some pictures!