There's so many people that say that they wish they were a military spouse. They are under the impression that it's a carefree life. They probably think of movies like "Dear John" when they think of a "Military Spouse". Well let me let the world in on a little secret, It's not like "Dear John"!!

Once I married my husband I lost a small part of my identity. Whenever I need to take care of any business that is military related I don't give my social security number, I give his. For example, when I call to schedule a doctors appointment at the Military Treatment Facilities, The first question they ask me is "Are you the Sponsor or the Dependent?". The next question is "What is your Sponsors social security number?" They don't look my information up by my name or date of birth. No, It's by his social security number.

I am not Jeremy's wife nor am I myself. I am a DEPENDENT. This is what the Military classifies me as. I don't like the title but I deal with it. This is the life I live as a Military Spouse. As much as I dislike Duty nights, fast cruises, underways and deployments, I still deal with it. The military offers us a lot of benefits that some other employers might not. Such as housing allowance, food allowance, 100% coverage for healthcare and a variety of other things. When It comes to benefits I could write a long list of things.

One things for sure, his job is secure. He just signed another 4 year contract. So I know for the next four years he will be employed . The pros out weight the cons for us. I know this life can be tough at times. There has been days, weeks and months when I'm without my husband.When important things come up, I have to email him and hope that he's able to check his email and respond in a timely manner even with is demanding work schedule. If i'm able to text him, then I'm really lucky. I have to make decisions for the both of us without talking to him sometimes.

My husband is the financial provider for our family. He goes to work and makes the money to support us. He's the Captain and I'm the Co-Pilot. He works long hours due to his demanding job. It's my responsibility to handle the things that he's to busy to deal with.

I am the person that makes sure the bills are paid. I make sure we have all the necessities that we need. If the car needs repairs I'm the one that takes the car to the shop. I have to remember when the registration is due so I can pay it because our cars are registered in states that we no longer live in. We've had so many addresses in the past few years that we don't even bother to contact most companies and change our address on file with them.

I don't know if you would call a "Military Spouse" a job or not. I do know that I have a lot of responsibilities that I need to take care of. Just like a wife of a civilian worker might have. I play my role in our relationship and sometimes I have to cover some things for my Husband in his absence  When he's home we are a team and we work hard to keep things in order. We also remember to make sure to keep each other happy while taking care of the other things in our lives.

When my Husband is not working we have date nights at least twice a week but normally more. My Husband does not have weekends off. He does get "days" off and we take advantage of those days. We visit museums, amusement parks, landmarks, state parks, beaches, casinos, clubs and other fun and nice places during weekday hours. My Husband and I, do these things together, when other couples might be working a 9-5 job, with weekends off.

We get to live in a variety of cities and states. That's not always a good thing but it works for us. I'm a fan of BEING in new places but I'm not a fan of the "process of MOVING" to these new places. That's the way it is. I can't always get what I want but in the end I still have a smile on my face. One things for sure, I'm proud to be Jeremy's Wife. I'm not just Jeremy's wife, I'm still considered a MILITARY SPOUSE/DEPENDENT! It's funny that they call me a Dependent because I'm anything but Dependent.

Please feel free to share all vents and rants about being a Military Spouse below.

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