It's Wednesday and I would normally post a Wordless Wednesday post but I think I have too much to talk about to post anything wordless. lol.

I haven't done a hair update in months! It's been way to long. I figured I would give an update since I just got my hair done yesterday.

For the past two weeks I have been wearing "Quick Weaves". It's a weave that is glued on to a cap. First they put the cap on my head then they glue the weave hair on top. I went to the salon to get this done and it cost $60. It will last me two weeks then it will be time to get a new cap with new weave hair.

As you can tell I love curls! The only problem is it's hard for me to curl my hair up really pretty. I pay $25 at the shop for them to curl my hair up every other week. The week that they are not curling my hair they will be applying the new hair. So I guess you can say I'm at the shop once a week. lol. Maybe I think I'm fancy since i'm back in Cali. lol. I plan to do this until I leave San Diego next month.

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