This is a picture of San Diego that my Husband took while on his ship yesterday! He's stationed at Coronado so this is a picture of Downtown San Diego, which is right across the water from Coronado.

We moved into our apartment last Monday. It's very small, super small! lol. It's a furnished one bedroom apartment in Chula Vista. It's not too bad. It's temporary because we will only be here for about two months.

I am glad that we have our own apartment again. Living with family was no fun at all. The first few days were nice because I hadn't seen them since September 2012. Two weeks of living with family was just way to long for me. I was starting to miss my apartment in Washington. That's not a good thing because I couldn't wait to leave Washington. lol

The Apartment looks old and out dated, but it's only for two months so I'm not complaining. I am glad that I'm in San Diego for a few months. I'm really going to miss my city, when we have to leave in May. I will try to post a picture later.

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